Blencowes Kitchen

Blencowes Milk Bar 

House of food, coffee and disco. Balaclava. 3183.



We do breakfast and lunches - food that’s inspired by world travels, Melbourne and the old school milk bar.

We serve wild coffee from Timor, teas from boutique WA tea makers Necessiteas, healthy smoothies and juices, milos and chais and perfectly baked caramel slices.

Our coffee is direct trade; our meat is grass fed and chemical free.

This is us working hard to make food that makes you happy.


Enjoy the good stuff

Come over. Have a feed. Relax. Enjoy a coffee. Listen to some disco.

We’re open Monday to Friday 7am - 2:30pm and Saturday 7:30am - 2:30pm.

There’s something underneath the bridge.




We’re known for our bagels.

We’re known for our home made pies

We’re known for our Blencowes Benedict - a sweet potato rosti, wilted spinach, two poached eggs, hollondaise, and a pear, parmesan and rocket salad.

But we’ve got plenty more up our sleaves.

We cure our own trout, make all of our own sauces and pestos and smoke our own meats (all the meat we us is free range grass fed)

There are many gluten free and vegetarian options available.

We love food.

This is what we do - home- styled food that makes people happy.



Wild Timor Coffee

Wild Timor Coffee is wild grown, organic and is harvested under ancient canopies in the mountainous hinterland of Aileu, Timor Leste. There are no pesticides or fertilisers used on these wild grown coffee plants. Coffee beans are sourced directly from Aileu and Maubisse regions, ensuring a single origin bean that carries an incredible bold Arabica flavour with strong hints of caramelised toffee and cacao.